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Kingpin Tickets Website Design

Kingpin Tickets Website Design: Due to a long term strong working relationship, The London Tattoo Convention organisers approached Creative Beast to build them a Website Design to help sell advance tickets, partnering with the online payment provider Barclaycard, Creative Beast has produced a brand identity and unique e-commerce ticket Website Design called Kingpin Tickets. The brief stated that it needed to allow the opportunity of expansion to sell future events at Tobacco Dock.  As well as the established International London Tattoo Convention, another event is planned to take place soon – Docktoberfest. Along with a bespoke website to provide advance tickets online for all future events held at Tobacco Dock we were also asked to create a brand for the company, namely Kingpin Tickets. The design and build has proven to be a great success, the website has now been up and running for 3 years and advance ticket sales continue to grow year on year.  Ticket purchasers receive their tickets via email and each ticket has its own unique barcode which is scanned at the gate – a far cheaper and quicker system than previously – no print costs or postage costs – giving the organisers a greater profit margin! To see how well this website works or to perhaps purchase your ticket for ‘The London Tattoo Convention’ visit Kingpin Tickets.

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