Red Giant Publishing website design

Red Giant Publishing contracted Creative Beast just before the Christmas holidays in 2013 to design their brand identity and eCommerce website. A new business within the publishing industry, created simply because, as music fans themselves, they feel that fans deserve better. Red Giant Publishing will produce beautiful, unique, handcrafted publications. Their love of music is a passionate and personal feeling, and they want to replicate that feeling through their publications. Red Giant Publishing will create books, and other memorabilia, which fans will want to treasure as much as they treasure their albums, ticket stubs and memories.

Working closely with Red Giant Publishing, Creative Beast have created a website along with our web developers (Weblator) to help Red Giant sell limited edition prints and publications to dedicated music fans across the world. Red Giant has some very exciting plans for the future and due to the success of our great website design and we are proud to have been asked to work with Red Giant Publishing to design & create the publications to be sold through the website.

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