Creative Beast

SDH Services responsive website.

Creative Beast design studio has been providing SDH Services (Security Dog Handling Services) with online advertising, photography and print design services since 2005.

Malcolm Webb founded SDH Services (Security Dog handling Services) in 1992 whilst he was working as a static security supervisor. With a background in security he saw an opportunity to create a company providing excellent security dog handling services.

Malcolm approached Creative Beast to design a responsive website for SDH Services to attract a new target audience to reinforce their skills and services. The design brief from the managing director was to be powerful and professional. Using our own photography skills and stock images we created a very unique responsive website that reflects the current Security Dog Handling Services brochure (also designed by Creative Beast see here) which to this day is very much appreciated and still in use.

If you’re looking for the very best in security dog services, whether it’s security for a specific event, or premises that needs constant protection, Security Dog Handling Services are an approved SIA contractor and a associate company member of NASDU. and they will use their specialist knowledge and insights to help prevent you becoming a victim of crime.

Click here to visit SDH Services (Security Dog Handling Services) website.