Website design Isabella’s Heiress.

Website design Isabella’s Heiress: After the successful book cover design by Creative beast for the book ‘Isabella’s Heiress’ by Author Neil Griffiths, Neil approached Creative Beast for a responsive Website design and amazing graphics to help promote the book which was released early 2015.

Stuart McDowell, Creative Director and Graphic designer read the book ‘Isabella’s Heiress’ making sure he had a very clear understanding of the story and Neil’s target audience. This book is full of amazing descriptive scenes from both the present and distant London history, with a fantastic Supernatural storyline to get readers of any age hooked but the descriptive scenes also helped to create graphics for the Website design Isabella’s Heiress that was also used on all social media sites and online advertising.

Click here to visit the new responsive Website design Isabella’s Heiress and learn about this amazing book from the UK’s newest Author Neil Griffiths.

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