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BPP Law ‘Legal Incite’: Publication design:

Creative Beast has been working with BPP University for nearly four years and during that time we have created a number of issues of two publications, ‘Legal Incite’ and ‘Business Brief’ together with an amazing bespoke website and brand identity for the BPP Students Association. Since the success of this publication design, which has had positive reviews from The Times Newspaper, Creative Beast has gone on to work closely with the Students at BPP Law to create a sister publication design; Business Brief. All stories are carefully written, submitted and edited by the Students of BPP Law University College. Not only can we produce great, creative concepts, we can apply our skills to entire editorial publications. We can transform your content, bringing it to life on every page. Our studio is primed for this kind of project – providing excellent project management skills, and enforcing methodical, attention to detail. We take great pride in the quality of our work. Our previous projects have included Legal Incite and Business Brief – law publications that have received positive reviews from The Times newspaper and we’re confident we can do the same for you.

The two publications have shown a steady growth in readership and recently they have joined forces to produce a joint 48 page publication, although now one publication, Legal Incite and Business Brief continue to have their own brand identity and unique covers.

To see further designs of these publications please click here.

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