In May 2018, Lambo Brothers Ltd rebranded from Alpha Training to the all new ‘Mental Hamster’. Aarron and Harrie approached Creative Beast in March to design the logo and brand identity for Mental Hamster!
Their decision to change from Alpha Training to Mental Hamster was to create a unique and memorable brand name as the word ‘Alpha’ was being used a great deal and was very saturated around the world within this particular industry and lifestyle, but most importantly it was time for the Brothers to start having some fun and push their ideas and products further.
The Brand identity was created in time for a massive launch at the 2018 ‘Body Power’ event in May at Birmingham NEC. All products, supplement labels, clothing and vehicles had to be produced in record time for the event.
Lambo Brothers Ltd was built around Aarron Lambo’s popularity on social media. He has gained in excess of 700,000 followers on social media through his honest videos about training, advice, personal matters and about his thoughts, feelings including facts other people/federations within the fitness industry.
There are so many things planned to push Lambo Brothers Ltd further, with new products and general expansion into other areas of industry. So stay tuned and keep up to date through their social media channels.
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